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We are reaching out to our Amsterdam community

Our base is Amsterdam.

our goal for our Amsterdam atelier is to make it into a hub for our clients and community to use as a point of reference for all their creative needs.

We will start by offering workshops, which will be based on our way of thinking in the way of creativity and sustainability at the absolute core. 

It is important to us that we make our workshops based on each persons individual needs and wishes, and that our workshops aren’t scripted perfectly. 

We want to let our creativity and imagination flow so it will allow our minds to open up to more possibilities. For example: in the way we look at a garment in terms of versatility and construction and sustainable ways of thinking. 




We want to show you how to style pieces of clothing – you may have lost confidence in the way you dress, maybe you have neglected pieces in your wardrobe you haven’t worn in a while, but you still love them. You can bring them and we go from there.

 We can show you how a garment can be worn in many different ways and open your mind up to more possibilities within your wardrobe. Versatility = sustainability 

We can also up-cycle / pimp-up, add trims and adornments, de-construct them and make them something completely new. You may like just the fabric of something. Let’s embrace that fabric. Because without fabric there wouldn’t be fashion.


Our possibilities are endless.. 



Tailoring / construction

We can show you what a pattern is and how to change it and develop it, how to cut on fabric and construct it to a garment.

The other way of making a garment in a more creative way is by creating on the tailor’s mannequin. We can do a mix of both. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you want to become a tailor in the near future (or do you?!) ;)  We can show you how to do these skills in a way that is more efficient, effective, creative. 

Again – Possibilities are endless ! 

This is just a starting point for us. Coming in the near future we will have more specific workshops and guest lectures 

For now workshops are on a 1-1 basis or with friends and friend groups. 

The price

2.5 hours = 55 euros per person. Block sessions are also possible

If our ideas are interesting to you, then please talk to us ! We would love to hear from you!